From the Ashes We Will Rise.

Gratitude 🙏🏽

Debt, Recruitment & Managing a Distributed Team.

  • Progress is better than perfection; small incremental changes will definitely lead to a much better product.
  • The more is not always the merrier; most often we think the more hands we have on a project the faster it will be done but that’s not always the case. At times it’s better and easier to stay small.
  • One of the bitter lessons I had to pick up as a team lead was to swallow my own medicine. Having to give feedback to the team and also having to swallow the same pill is quite something.

Patience & Agony 😑

Fun + Service 😜

I enjoyed a fair share of enjoyments this year. I went to “Vegas”, broke some rules and did some things I wasn’t supposed to do. I made a couple of awesome people who eventually became my friends.

Failures 👎🏽



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